Genome Wide Association Studies, Quality Control and Family based analysis

Written by Rehab Ahmed     September 20, 2016    
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The post-genomic era has been characterized by the rapid advance of genotyping technology resulting in a wealth of new, high-quality data that may hold promise for the further elucidation of genetic factors underlying complex disease. Without the proper tools and methods, the ultimate utility of such rich data may be limited in scope as the field attempts to process and interpret the growing amount of information being generated. For this workshop, we will adopt a hands-on approach to navigate some of the more popular genome-wide software packages available. A general overview of the topics to be covered is as follows. After a brief introduction on the current state of genetic research, we will begin with a discussion of the key quality assurance and quality control steps that are necessary to any genome-wide analysis. We will then transition to the analysis phase with a focus on genome-wide association using unrelated samples, including an overview of the analysis of gene pathways. Next, we will discuss the use of genome-wide data to estimate heritability, construction of genetic risk scores and pathway analysis. We will conclude with an introduction to family-based analysis and an overview of meta-analytic techniques.

These materials have been given in a Worksop organized by H3ABioNet

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