Frequently Asked Question

How do you see all the listings in a specific category?

In order to see all the listings of a given category, you can click on the category of interest in the top menu (e.g. Journals) and it will then open a list of all available listings in that category.


Step 1: On the Home page, locate the SELECT A CATEGORY window. Click on the icon of the category that you would like to investigate (e.g. Journals)

Step 2: The selected category will become red in colour and additional specification boxes (e.g. Material Type and H3Africa Topics) will become available. To see all the listings in the category, leave these additional boxes as they are and click on search.

Step 3: The category page (e.g. Journals) will then open with a list of all available listings in that category. Click on one of the listing headings to get more information about that listing.

How do you see the listings of a specific material type in a specific category?

Through the top menu you can access the listings of a particular Material Type, by clicking on the category (e.g. Journals) then selecting the Material Type (e.g. Full journal or Special Edition ).


Through the searchbox on the Home page, select your category of interest. Then, select your material type of interest under Material Type. For example, After you select the Journals category select either Full journal or Special Edition which are the two Journals subtypes of material. Then click on the Search button. You will then be taken to a page that only shows the listings within that material type.

How do you search for a specific listing within a category?

Trough the Searchbox on the Home page or the Advannced Search in the top menu,

Step 1: Select your category of interest. Specify material type if known (this step is not compulsory). Then type in keywords (e.g. Advances in Bioinformatics) in the keywords field. Then, as before, click on the Search button.

Step 2: Listings containing the keywords (within the specified category) will be returned to you. You can click on the listing that you are interested in.

What information is available for a listing?


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