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An international, peer-reviewed journal focusing on evolutionary bioinformatics. There is growing awareness that to understand organismal form and function, through the use of molecular, genetic, genomic, and proteomic data, due consideration must be given to an organism's evolutionary context - history constrains the path an organism is obliged to take, and leaves an indelible mark on its component parts. Evolutionary Bioinformatics publishes papers on all aspects of computational evolutionary biology and evolutionary bioinformatics.
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The journal distinguishes itself from others in the field by combining individualized author service with editorial integrity and procedural efficiency. At every stage authors will be introduced to the staff member responsible for their paper and will receive procedural explanations and regular status updates. The progress of authors’ papers is continually monitored by staff, and a staff member is always available to answer authors' questions. This is reflected in our consistently positive author testimonials.
Submission to first editorial decision including rigorous, expert peer review in average four weeks
Rapid publication in two to four weeks after acceptance
No deadlines for corrections to typeset proofs
Paper announcement after publication through scholarly databases, social media, and opted-in newsletters
Open access visibility and flexibility with no restrictions on author archiving
CC-BY-NC licensing to prohibit unrestricted commercial re-use, CC-BY available on request
Article level usage metrics (in beta)
Permanent availability by leading institutional libraries under CLOCKSS and LOCKSS systems
Proactive, professional journal staff (copied from journal website)